Tandem Flights

A Perfect Flight in the Fall.

This picture shows the Trophy mountains and the town of Clearwater in the background. The flying conditions were excellent and friendly thermals took us about 1500 meters above the valley.

Taking Off is the Exciting Part.

To get your feet in the air, all it takes is a few steps forward and some wing control before the wing lifts you of the ground.  Simple.

A Surreal Feeling

Once in the air, floating above the trees like a bird, you will experience a freedom feeling. People go into a zen-like calm mindset.

Becoming One with Nature

Being a tiny spot in an immensely big mountain setting with birds flying around you. Now you are making lifetime memories.

Flying the Distance

With flying speeds of up to 70 km/h, paragliders can cover lots of ground while flying across the country.

Getting Ready

A good weather assessment and getting your gear organized is like a ritual that you will do in a meticulous way before every flight.

Tandem paragliding

With 28 years of experience in flying paragliders all over the world, Xsky Paragliding offers safe and remarkable tandem flights where you hook up with the pilot/instructor and come for the flight. Depending on the weather conditions you share the air with the birds for 15 to 30 minutes. A 2 hour event from start to finish.  Fly tandem with Willy, who is a fully qualified pilot, trained and approved under the standards of the Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Canada.

Learn how to fly

Xsky paragliding flight school also teaches people how to paraglide so that they can fly on their own. Courses take 5 to 15 days. We operate from mid April till mid October and are open any flyable day.

Paragliding is a flying sport that is very addictive, a healthy addiction that brings you into the zone of happiness. It's an adventure sport where you fly with the birds. The flying experience is the purest you can find as you work with what mother nature offers you, thermals. A remarkable experience from start to finish.



Step by Step

  • Call 1 250 674 1108 and make a reservation.
  • Meet your pilot at Dee's General store at Birch Island Landing Zone parking lot.
  • Sign waivers and check on weather conditions.
  • A comfortable pickup truck will take you on a scenic route up the mountain.
  • At take off your instructor will introduce you to the art of flying.
  • Simple take off procedures will be taught and a thorough safety check performed prior to flight.
  • We take flight, sit back, relax and enjoy the time in the air.
  • After a soft landing, we watch the pictures of your flight with a refreshing drink or ice cream.
  • Continue your life, looking at the clouds for there you have been, and there you long to return!