Precautions taken by Xsky Paragliding to limit potential viral spread:

- Xsky Paragliding is taking the safety of their guests and volunteers, and the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. As such, you are required to sign a ‘declaration of health and exposure’ at arrival.


- Visiting group size 4 guests maximum.


Recommended during guest interaction:

- Keep physical distancing as much as possible.

- Washing hands frequently. Hand-sanitizer is available.

- Avoiding physical contact: No handshaking, no hugging, no Belgian kisses!

-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


During transportation to launching area:

- The truck that drives us to the launch is clean and disinfected before and after every shuttle.

- Only the pilot (myself), the co-pilot (you) and the volunteer/driver will be shuttling up the mountain. So a max of 3 people in the full cab truck at once keeping maximum distance.

- Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be used before entering the truck.

- While driving up in the truck, a face-mask or buff will be covering mouth and nose


Before take off and after landing:

The density of viral particles is lower in regions with large air volumes, such as the outdoors. While the risk of becoming infected outdoors is lower, we will keep the necessary exposure time at take off and landing as short as safely possible.


During flight:

Because wind can carry droplets, both pilot and co-pilot will be donning a mask or buff during the flight.


Thanks for your understanding, we are in this together.